Change Occupation

A service that enables the company to submit a request to change a worker's occupation to match the actual work done in the company

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility conditions of the company and the employee to be able to the change employee occupation?

Company Eligibility Conditions

  • The company status must be existent
  • The commercial registration must be valid
  • The company activity must not be from the activity of farmers and shepherds, equestrian, horse breeding or renting domestic labor services

Employee Eligibility Conditions

  • If the occupation is an engineering occupation, a valid profession practice certificate from the Saudi Council of Engineers must be present
  • If the profession is a veterinary occupation, a certificate of practicing a profession from the Ministry of Agriculture must be present
  • If the profession is an accounting occupation, a certificate of practicing a profession must be obtained from the Saudi Commission for Accounting Specialties
  • The status of the worker whose profession is requested to change must not be "Pending service transfer"
  • There should be no request for changing a profession under process for the same worker
  • The worker must not have a final exit permit issued
ما هي خطوات تغيير مهنة عامل من صاحب العمل؟
  • سجل الدخول إلى قوى
  • اختر خدمة تغيير مهنة من الخدمات الإلكترونية
  • حدد العمالة المراد تغيير مهنتهم
  • حدد المهنة المراد التغيير إليها
  • املأ بيانات عقد عمل كل عامل
  • قدم طلب تغيير المهنة

سيتم إرسال الطلب إلى الموظف في قوى, وعلى صاحب العمل تذكير الموظف بالدخول إلى بوابة قوى أفراد لاتخاذ إجراء القبول أو الرفض

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