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Enabling the labor market and promoting business growth, expansion and continuity

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development emphasis on the importance of the continuous development of its business and activities, and from the standpoint of enabling the labor market and promoting the growth, expansion and continuity of busi

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Raising awareness and transparency among businesses
Ease of Business
To support the Ministry’s aim to raise awareness among its customers and remove any ambiguities or obstacles that prevent their business from succeeding, a number of services have been developed that work as an e-consultant for business owners, as they display a number of vital indicators that concern business owners, as well as provide the necessary steps to improve the status of the business and increase awareness of developments in it
Enforce Key Policies
  • Nitaqat
  • Work permits
  • Compliance with the wage protection system
Ensure the Highest Levels of Transparency
Proactive Communication with Business Owners
The Ministry is keen to constantly review all the services of interest to the final beneficiary in order to develop and improve them in order to contribute to raising the level of business performance in the Kingdom, starting with a review of policies and legislation and through improving the user experience and speeding up the procedures and mechanisms followed, and ending with the provision of services immediately and automatically to business owners


Main services that help promote these values